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Jonah Simenauer, a Biology graduate from UC Santa Cruz, brings a diverse background that extends beyond the financial realm. With experience as a Covid-19 technician during the pandemic, Jonah demonstrated a commitment to community well-being and adaptability in challenging situations.

Transitioning from a role on the front lines of the pandemic response to retirement planning, Jonah integrates the skills developed as a Covid-19 technician into his approach. His experience showcases precision, attention to detail, and the ability to navigate rapidly changing environments -qualities that add a unique dimension to his perspective in the retirement planning field.

If not in his office, Jonah can almost certainly be found at his Muay Thai kickboxing gym, where he finds deep peace in honing his skill, and pushing physical and mental limits. However, the most rewarding aspect of this practice is fostering camaraderie and developing meaningful relationships with those around.

Despite the differences in focus, Jonah's dedication to continuous learning and his ability to adapt from one challenging environment to another reflect his resilience and versatile skill set. Clients can expect a well-rounded and adaptable approach as Jonah utilizes his diverse experiences to provide personalized and detail-oriented financial guidance.




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